Teaching Factory-Based Curriculum Management (A Case Study At St. Michael Catholic Technical High School Surakarta)


The purpose of this study is to explore the management of the school curriculum to implement teaching factory.  Teaching factory which is part of the curriculum and instruction is a learning environment that is suitable, to integrate educational processes and industrial processes, and to bridge the need for skilled labor from industrial companies with the competence of students at schools. This study uses a qualitative approach by using a case study method. Data was collected through observation, participatory observation, documentation, and in-depth interviews with the school principal, vice-principal for curriculum, the head of the expertise program, and the head of the  workshop. The data collected was analyzed through the process of data condensation, data display, and drawing conclusions. As a result of the research, researcher found teaching factory-based curriculum management at St. Michael Catholic Technical High School (SMK St. Mikael) Surakarta, increasing the competence of each student so that they are ready to work in business and industrial companies. It is expected that this research would be a meaningful reference field for relevant researchers, education stakeholders, and education practitioners who wants to develop technical education or vocational education through teaching factory.

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