Kampus Merdeka – Merdeka Belajar (freedom to learn) is a new learning program designed by the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture as a response toward the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Through this way, the graduates  are able to be inovative, creative, autonomous, and competitive. Beside hard working, the next religious teacher and chatecists also expected to be literate and fluent in English, since it was established as international, business, and technological language. This paper aims to analyze English learning autonomy in term of learning methods toward religious teacher and chatecists. The writer uses analytical approach to analyze topic of discussion. Some datas and references used to find out what will we do and some learning method that are able to be applied bya lecturer in learning process toward religious teacher and cathecists through freedom to learn, they are: learning to do through grammar translation and listening method, learning to know through cognitive approach, learning to be through direct learning method, learning to live together through communicative language community learning methode.

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