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Does civil servant teachers’ job satisfaction influence their absenteeism?

Abstract The present research aimed at investigating the direct effect of civil servant teacher job satisfaction on their absenteeism. Quantitative approach with survey method was employed. The sample involved was 198 civil servant teachers from public senior high schools in

Teaching Factory-Based Curriculum Management (A Case Study At St. Michael Catholic Technical High School Surakarta)

Abtract The purpose of this study is to explore the management of the school curriculum to implement teaching factory.  Teaching factory which is part of the curriculum and instruction is a learning environment that is suitable, to integrate educational processes


Abstract Kampus Merdeka – Merdeka Belajar (freedom to learn) is a new learning program designed by the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture as a response toward the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Through this way, the graduates  are able to be


Abstract All people is longing for love. No one can escape from this fact.  Inspire of this fact human being are often have little courage to love others truly. It is because they are driven by their ego and want


Abstract  This article wants to explorethe fact that human being has spiritual dimension which is not contradict to his or her body. This article will point out that spiritual dimension of human being by using the expereince of St. Vincent


Abstract  This article wants to explore the doctrin of Trinity by looking at the experience of the believers of the early church. Their encounter with God which they saw in Jesus himself and in Spirit provide the notion of the

Four Pillar Teaching Factory: A Teaching and Learning Management Model in Technical and Vocational Senior High School

The purpose of this study is to explore deeply teaching factory at Technical and Vocational High School. Teaching factory is the best method of teaching and learning to integrate and to bridge the process of achieving competences of the students

Job Satisfaction And Work Productivity: An Empirical Approach

Teacher work productivity is a determining factor for the success of education quality. Job satisfaction is one of the main factors in increasing productivity. This study aims to examine the direct effect of job satisfaction on work productivity. The study