All people is longing for love. No one can escape from this fact.  Inspire of this fact human being are often have little courage to love others truly. It is because they are driven by their ego and want to fulfill it. The consequence is they see other people as a person to fulfill their ego in a subtle way. As a Christian, Love is not only about loving others as a human being but love also has spesific meaning as God’s love to human being. In order to gain a good understanding about the meaning of love, this paper analyzed John 21:15-19 by perspective of some experts. This paper uses text analysis methode of some experts’ perspectives, they are: Brown, Bartholomew, and Tilborg.  The result of analysis shows that love is not about fulfilling ego but about dedication for others. Love is willingness to nurture life. Finally, love always comes with sucrifice. Love is a self dedication. In a dedication, there always comes with joy and sorrow even sometimes also suffering.

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