JPAK Vol. 18, Tahun ke-9, Oktober 2017

Leonardus Galih Wahyu Pambudi dan Agustinus Supriyadi

Catechesis becomes the collective responsibility of
all members of the Church. Catechesis become central to
the work of the Church’s mission in the world, because it
involves the faith formation of Church members.
Although in general the work of preaching or catechesis
is the duty and obligation of all the faithful, but there are
some private members who receive ecclesial mandate to
be catechists, among others, is a priest.
The results of this study showed that 8 of these priests
understood with regard to the definition of catechesis and
parish catechesis. Although in a different formulation but
the essence of catechesis has been understood by the
priests. During this time the priests had performed the
role of the main responsible in the work of catechesis, but
in a different way. The results showed that the concrete
manifestation of this role is to teach preparation for
reception of the sacrament, giving homilies, and also
giving catechesis to the people directly, cooperation and
good communication with fellow priests and people of
God, it is also the whole pastoral activities, especially
catechesis in parishes directed according ARDAS
Diocese of Surabaya. Some priests (under 15 years of
priesthood) is quite good in formulating a definition of
catechesis but still less able to carry out catechesis in
parishes optimally, otherwise most of the priest again
(above 15 years of priesthood) are less able to
formulating the definition and theory but better in
implementing catechesis in the parish.
Keywords: Cathecesis, parish, and priest.


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